ONE sharpened


☆ I am an artist, that would like to learn more about blogging ☆

☆ I am here to have a conversation with other fellow bloggers about my artwork ☆

☆ The topic that I will write about will be playful, fun, experimental poetry ☆

☆ I would love to connect with any other people who might be interested or inspired by my posts and to find out their reactions ☆

☆ By the end of the year I hope to have a network of blogger friends ☆

2 thoughts on “ONE

  1. Hi Kathy, thanks for visiting my little space in the blogosphere and for following me! I really like both of your blogs, if you have any interest in photography then I’ve just started a photography blog as well, address is Any advice you could give would be really appreciated!

    1. Rebecca,
      Your new blog is very beautiful! I am honored that you are asking me for advise. These are a few ideas: Maybe in the first page you would like to add the purpose of the new blog. An About Page in the new blog would be good. In your Gravatar add your two blogs, so that people can find your websites. You can do this through the Dashboard/ Users/ My Profile. At the end of My Profile Page there is a way to link your websites to the Gravatar.
      I hope this helps, best wishes to you,


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