Apparition 3


◦ We crossed paths at midnight ◦

◦ Saw it trotting in the sidewalk ◦

◦ We drove in front of it ◦

◦ And turned into our neighborhood ◦

◦ Stopped the car to get a better look ◦

◦ It followed us a few feet ◦

◦ Went to my husband’s side ◦

◦ Made eye contact ◦

◦ My husband nervously drove the car ◦

◦ A few feet forward ◦

◦ Looking back from the passenger side ◦

◦ I saw ◦

◦ Long glowing silvery white hair ◦

◦ A longing look ◦

◦ Then the Great White Wolf ◦

◦ Continued its journey ◦

❋❋❋This happened to us last Saturday night, January 18, 2014.❋❋❋

I think it was magical There hasn’t been sightings of white wolves in Rochester, NY

This is my FIRST Draft of this poem.

Please comment and let me know what you think

4 thoughts on “Apparition

    1. Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for your comment, my husband was a little nervous because of the eye contact, and that is why he drove forward. At first my husband kept saying: “That poor dog is out on this very cold night…” Then we remembered it didn’t have a collar. We both agreed that he wasn’t threatening,

      I kept saying: This is magical, that is not a dog.

      We looked at pictures of coyotes and wolves. We think it was a wolf because it was pretty big, much bigger than a coyote. The head was pretty much like the one in the picture in this poem. One thing is for sure, we haven’t stopped talking about it…

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