Mother’s Corn Tamales

Mother' corn Tamales


Fresh sweet young maiden corn

Cut and blended

Green corn husk cuddled the wrappings

Sweet corn

Flavors of love

Steamed and melded


Mother made the best

I get hungry

Thinking about them


Fry the bacon and set aside. Cut the corn husks carefully at the stem and save for wrapping the tamales. Cut corn off the cob, save cobs to put in bottom of pot. Place the corn on a blender and blend until corn is pureed. Add the bacon, bacon fat, the melted butter, and the Masarica. The consistency should be like a dough. Add milk if necessary, one tablespoon at the time. Take a corn  husk and flatten this, then add two tablespoons of corn dough in the middle. Fold husk around mixture, then take another husk and wrap around the opposite way. The tamales might need to be tied. Take a large pot and place the corn cobs in the bottom of the pot. Add water to just cover the corn cobs. Lay the tamales flat on top of the corn cobs and steam for 1 hour on top of the stove. (Makes 12 tamales)

For other delicious variations of corn tamales and the detailed process on how to make these. see:



Little House by the Dunes

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