Great-Grandmother Kate

Great Grandmother Kate-3



It was the year of Queen Victoria’s

Diamond Jubilee

And that year

Kate saw my grandfather

Depart alone from Dundee, Scotland

To the jungles of

El Salvador


・Her delicate and beautiful・

・Sad face・

・Suddenly felt・

・Like the ocean he was about to cross・

・Waves and Waves・

・Of uncontrollable tears.・

・Harry had grown up to be・

・A very smart, soft-spoken, and kind・

・Young man・

・And he was・

・Only 16 years old・

・Would I ever see my son again?・

・Kate thought・


Photoshop brush: Wet Brush (Natural Brushes 2)

2 thoughts on “Great-Grandmother Kate

    1. Querida Prima Olga, Thank you so much for your comment. Can you imagine how our great grandmother felt when our grandfather left Dundee? I am hoping to make a whole series of poems in relation to the show. Hopefully between now and the exhibit.
      Love you, Kathy

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