Doves and Motherhood

Doves and Motherhood

・▫☾ ☼♦☆☀♡☀☆♦☼☽▫・

・Celestial messengers・

・Angels of・

・Unconditional love・







・Qualities of Motherhood・


Dear readers

This is my last post until

After my exhibit: “M is for Mother”

I am now in high gear to complete

The exhibit

Have lots and lots to do before I sleep

from now until May 2.

For more information about the show

Please see my other blog: Art Catalysts by KathyClem

I love you all

Take care

I promise to be back on May 3

6 thoughts on “Doves and Motherhood

    1. Thank you so much for following my blog, every time I do an exhibit is a new journey. I have really enjoyed this one. Learning more about my family. I look forward to reading your blog. ♡

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