So many projects and so little time

So little time and so many projects

I feel I have a mountain to climb

I have to create many objects

So many things I love to do

I love to do so many things

I know I can’t just cut through

Even though I pull strings

Two catalogs to write before April

Music for a video to compose before May

Research for my next exhibit on a book to staple

My installation “G is for Gourmet” to survey

I must remember: It’s all play and fun

and I know I will hit a home run

12 thoughts on “Future

    1. Thank you very much Piyush. This one took me a little more time. I was a little intimidated, and didn’t completely understand what a sonnet was. After looking at the poems from other poets I decided it was time to do write it. I appreciate your comment. Have a great weekend✩🌹✩

    1. Dear Piyush,
      Thank you for your nomination. I am very honored and I am very sorry that I am not accepting any nominations right now.
      I am sorry, because love is the must beautiful emotion and is very special to my heart. But I must continue focused on my goals. I really appreciate your nomination.💝🌹💝

  1. Whenever I find myself climbing that mountain, feeling the aches and pains, and almost like I am unable to go on, I remember…. once we stop, it is over. May we never stop!

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