What makes us fall in love?

Was it the dust from comet Hyakutake in the spring of 1996 going by? Was it sleeping next to the ruins and dreaming of the archaic people who had lived there before? Was it the silent music from the red rock?

The first time I went backpacking I bruised the heels of my feet because I didn’t have the right kind of backpacking boots. I went to Fish and Owl Canyon and Arch Canyon in Utah. I could barely walk, but I felt the magic in the air… the beautiful red rock against the dark blue skies… with bright stars, and a comet going by at night. I was in awe of their cliff dwellings, shards of pottery and arrowheads. I wondered who were the Peoples that had lived there before? What were they saying with their petroglyphs and pictographs? I fell in love with these places because of their spiritual feeling… I have traveled to many different places in the world, but have never felt how I feel in the Southwest. Since then and for about 20 years I have returned many times, each time staying a little longer to sit quietly and absorb the mystery and enjoy the hugs and kisses of the place.


This is an excerpt from a catalog from my exhibit Magical Southwest (P is for Places) that I am currently writing.

4 thoughts on “Love

  1. What a wonderful thing, to fall in love with a place. I am like that, when I go back to where I grew up, in Monterey. You try to take things with you – gather yourself up, visualize, and shake off the homesickness, but there’s something magical about sitting, feeling connected to the earth, and have that feeling that it, too, is connected to you. I wish there were a way to fall in love with all the places we go… but like you, there’s that special, special place, where you go, and it’s simply magical. ^.^

    Thank you for sharing this. After reading it, I could feel the warmth from your lovely words.

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